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Passport Application


To start the process, please download the application form found on the forms page. Alternatively, contact the Passport Office to request the number of application forms you require, providing your full name and address details by email at Application forms are posted second class delivery.

Once you have received the passport application form, you will need to book an appointment with your vet and before returning your completed application, please ensure you have read our accompanying instructions and guidance. All sections of the form MUST be completed, additionally please ensure that your handwriting is legible. 


It is a legal requirement that horses are microchipped and the number will be needed for a passport application. The microchipping of horses is classified as an act of veterinary surgery; therefore, microchips must only be implanted by a veterinary surgeon. This differs from other species because horse microchips must be implanted into the nuchal ligament rather than simply under the skin. This is to ensure that the microchip does not move around the body and can be easily located for scanning purposes. The vet must first check the horse for an existing microchip and any evidence that a microchip has been removed prior to the implantation. Further details are available from the RCVS

To check a microchip, visit the Equine Register.   


All applications are processed within two weeks, although at busy times we may take up to three weeks. Express passports will be processed within five working days. Before applying for a passport please ensure you read and fully understand your legal responsibilities (click here to read) and the procedure for submitting applications (click here to read). If you do not complete the paperwork correctly there will be delays in your paperwork being processed. 

Passporting outside the UK

We regret that as a result of new regulations following Brexit, since January 1st 2021 we have not been allowed to issue passports (including replacements) to anyone living in the EU. 


Please click here for the current fees. Please note that all passports etc are returned by Recorded Delivery which is included in the fee. Please ensure that payment is made at the time of an application. 


Click here to download the application forms. Please note that applications cannot be processed unless the silhouette forms have been signed and stamped by a veterinary surgeon.

Terms and Conditions
  • Please note that we can only process applications that are submitted with completed and correct paperwork, and with correct fees paid. 

  • The IMHPS cannot accept application forms from any other organisation, and such paperwork will not be processed and will be returned to the sender. 

  • It is an offence to apply for a new passport when one already exists for the horse.  

  • If your horse’s application form is received outside of the statutory time limit, your passport must be produced as a replacement and Section IX Part II (or Section II Part II for passports issued from 1 January 2016) will be signed by an IMHPS representative to declare the horse is not intended for human consumption. 

  • The IMHPS cannot be held responsible for any passports that are lost or damaged in the post. 

  • Please note if you send in an incomplete application or a passport without a covering note we will attempt to contact you to request the supporting documentation or payment up to a period of six months. If we have not received the additional paperwork/payment from you within that time we will destroy any documentation already received in order to comply with GDPR. 

  • You do not have to be a member of the IMHPS to obtain a passport or to complete any updates on an IMHPS passport.

Registrar Details

Emma Williams
Windmill Oast House

Lamberhurst Quarter

Tunbridge Wells

Kent TN3 8AL

Tel: +44 (0)7787 644408 

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