Lucky Legends Kir Royale  with Karen Hamilton-Smith (owner and breeder)
MHOYS 2015 Overall Supreme of Show
(photo courtesy of Claudia Foulkes Photography)

International Miniature Horse & Pony Society Ltd

Approved by DEFRA as an Official Passport issuing organisation
for Equines (including donkeys) in 16 different registers


Site updated 10 / 07 / 2016 
Home page, Registrations, and contacts pages updated
with important Registrar office address change ... PLEASE CHECK

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To look forward to .. BIG TIME! .. is the 21st MHOYS .. October 1st and 2nd 2016 - again, at Keysoe.. lots of enhancements,
new classes and incentives for all to indulge your passion for the miniature horse and to enjoy!


Please note the dates when our office is not able to issue express or expedited passports:
5th -25th May  ~~  22nd-26th June  ~~  26-31 July and 15-30 September 2016

(July 2016) CONTACT NUMBER FOR REGISTRAR UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE IS +44 (0)7400 637940 during Office hours 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

We are pleased to be back on target for issuing normal passports in the 2-3 weeks aimed for and the fast track ones within 2 working days with the exception of the above dates.

Thank you for your patience over the last few months when due to the enormous volume received the office simply could not keep to our usual time scale.
Please try to register your foals in good time to spread the work load as much as possible.

Please note there is a change in the wording for the foals being passported, as noted below:

"Any foal born early July onwards can be applied for after 31st December but not after it is six months old." (the old Defra rule was within the year it was born)

You will be given a passport number in the order the applications come in.

REGISTRAR NOTIFICATION              Date: 21st October 2015
STOP PRESS! Delighted to announce that Nicky Campbells' position as Registrar of IMHPS has been taken over by Davina Whiteman BHSI and Ponies UK.
Thank you Nicky for your excellent work over the last few years, we shall miss you, but wish Davina an easy time and the best possible support from our members


Suzanne Acres is our new representative for Ireland. Her decision to take on this role took months and months and I am so delighted to know she has decided to do it as her
enthusiasm for all things miniature knows no bounds.  So an enormous thank you to Suzanne. Her father George is well known to many of our Members too and is of course
inevitably going to get more and more involved with the Shows Suzanne puts on and in particular her flare for driving

Contact Details for  Suzanne are as follows:  POST:  Ballykeppogue Farm, Wicklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
email:                    Telephone: (00353) +877520928


The IMHPS team are dedicated to helping you in any way we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us by email, or join us on our Facebook Group Page


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